On Thu, 2010-03-11 at 23:50 +0100, yahvuu wrote:

> For the New Layer dialog, i'd prefer:
> c) Always create a transparent layer, without showing a dialog. Then let the
>    user fill the new layer if desired (not considering layer size here).

Well, layer size is the problem here. It is rather inconvenient to
resize layers, so it is somewhat important for many work-flows to have a
way to specify the size when the layer is created.
>    This works nicely for a keyboard workflow: CTRL-SHIFT-N, CTRL-.
>    Fast, no confirmation required and no application state has to be 
> remembered.
>    An open question is how to make this fast for a mouse only / tablet user.

Easy enough, a mouse user can drag the foreground or background color
from the bottom of the Toolbox or from the Colors dockable and drop it
either on the image window or on the newly created layer in the Layers


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