Jay Smith wrote:
> It just occurred to me that it would be really handy to be able to
> enlarge the _canvas_ by dragging. 

Hi Jay,

that's a cool idea! Be shure to post it to the brainstorm so it
doesn't get lost -- the UI team is listening there [1].

> - Layers: The Resize Layers (when changing canvas size) issue that we
> have been discussing the last couple of days rears its ugly head here.
> In order for this suggested drag feature to work, the user must have
> control of the Resize Layers setting.

no need to worry, for a brainstorm posting it is fully valid to assume that
layer sizes get managed automatically.

> - Floating Selection: This drag feature must be possible while a
> floating selection is currently active and floating.  That is part of
> the point; that the canvas was not big enough to put the floating
> selection where I want to put it, thus I am increasing the canvas size.

Same goes here: to develop your idea, you can just pretend there were
no floating selections getting in your way. It often helps to make some
idealizing assumptions so an idea can be worked out as clear as possible.

To subsequently determine if and how a new concept fits into GIMP is a
delicate task and best carried out by the UI team anyway.


PS: If you're seeking further discussion of your idea,
    feel free to post on the developer's list.

[1] http://gimp-brainstorm.blogspot.com/

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