>> - Floating Selection: This drag feature must be possible while a
>> floating selection is currently active and floating.  That is part of
>> the point; that the canvas was not big enough to put the floating
>> selection where I want to put it, thus I am increasing the canvas size.
>Same goes here: to develop your idea, you can just pretend there were
>no floating selections getting in your way. It often helps to make some
>idealizing assumptions so an idea can be worked out as clear as possible.

It was not accepted the idea that the floating selection was needed by gimp,
but not by the large majority of its users so there is not need to force them
to deal with it ?... So the floating selection would be accessible only by
purpose..and obviously by script and plugin  

And btw will be no better that ctrl c and ctrl v do what expected (how much
people got confused by ctrl v not pasting the copied layer, but create a
esoteric entity that automatically delete any previous selection ?)

Anyway back to the main point it seems a very good idea, i hope you will
present it to the GUI brainstorm and on the developer list

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