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>* Phil <for...@gimpusers.com> [03-14-10 13:52]:
>> I am new to this site, and fairly new to gimp.  I used gimp to build a
>> website for our local reef club a couple of years ago, and now we have
>> the website.  Our new logo was done by a friend of a friend type deal, and
>> image size is rather small.  Every time we go to print it out, it tells us
>> need 300dpi.  Is there away to take my current image and have gimp
>> this to 300 dpi so we can get our shirts and business cards printed out? 
>> help will be greatly appreciated.
>Your problem is probably that you are trying to print at a larger size
>than the image is.  Effectively when you enlarge the size/print-size you
>spread out the microscopic dots/pixels/!dpi that comprise the image, ie:
>the original image is 640px x 480px (px=pixels) @ 2.133x1.600 inches and
>if you print the image at twice the size, 4.266x3.2, you quarter the
>300dpi to 75dpi and your printer complains.
>There is no *good* solution past a larger *original* image, but..  I have
>increased the present image size a little at a time, then applied a mild
>unsharp-mask.  It should print *decent* to 4x3 inches or smaller,
>especially on a shirt.  If your printer still complains, tell it to print
>I have attached the image.  If you wish to print a larger size, you may
>open the image in gimp and increase the print size under "Image", or I
>will do it for you.  
>guk luk,

Thank you for the help, but where do I find the image?  Sorry for being an

Phil (via www.gimpusers.com)
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