On 3/17/10, Richard H. wrote:
> The dialog for the Advanced Rounded Rectangle has me confused.

Where did you find this function? I only see "Select > Rounded
Rectangle" menu items and it surely doesn't have hor/vert radius

> What data am I supposed to enter

Pixels would be most likely choice.

> and what is a horizontal or vertical radius ?

If your curiosity brought you a little further ;-), you'd play with
options and see that it is a distance of points, from which each
corner is rounded, from original corners. E.g. if you want a
rectangular that is almost like an ellipse, you define a large
horizontal radius and small vertical radius, so that rounding
stretches a lot horizontally and very little vertically.

See http://tavmjong.free.fr/INKSCAPE/MANUAL/html/Shapes-Rectangles.html
for examples.

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