On Thu, 2010-03-18 at 10:31 +0100, Dan O. wrote:

> Did you manage to get it to execute?
> I ran into the same problem, downloaded the bz2 file of 0.1 gegl (feb 2010),
> and it seemed to resolve the compilation issue as well.
> However, gimp fails to execute, citing the same problem with avcodec.
> #####
> ** Message: Module '/opt/gimp-2.7/lib/gegl-0.1/ff-load.so' load error:
> /opt/gimp-2.7/lib/gegl-0.1/ff-load.so: undefined symbol:
> avcodec_decode_video2
> #####

Why would that keep GIMP from running? It's just one of the many GEGL
operations that doesn't link. That should not be a show-stopper. In any
case you can safely remove the ff-load.so file without loosing any
functionality in GIMP.


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