On 03/20/2010 11:06 PM, BenXS wrote:
> Currently when I move the main window of Gimp (under WinXP) then the two
> small windows at the side "Toolbox" and "Layer,Channel..." stay at their
> places on the desktop.
> Is there a way to define them as "docked". In other words: Whenever the main
> window is moved they should be moved as well.

No, not in GIMP 2.6, but with the single-window mode in 2.8 you'll be 
able to get that behaviour.

> Similarly when I minimize the main window the sub-windows remain visible.
> Is there a settings which (automatically) minimizes all windows when I
> minimize the "main" window?

There is code in GIMP that does that, but it doesn't work 100% always on 
Windows unfortunately.

  / Martin


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