On Mon, 2010-03-22 at 12:39 -0400, Helen wrote:

> I've been without a printer for some time, and I finally bought on
> Saturday.
> HP Officejet 7000 wide format.
> Gimp will print fine on regular letter-size paper, but when I try to
> print 
> a 9 x 12 photo on 11x17" paper, it prints only a part of the picture,
> leaving half the page blank.  I've set all the "page setup" features
> that
> I can find which might be relevant.  Set to centered.
> But it keeps putting out these expensive sheets of photopaper with
> the photo only half there, printing only on one (leading edge) of the
> paper.
> The print preview feature doesn't work.  When I click Print Preview,
> it flashes quickly, less than a second.
> Using gimp 2.6.2 on Suse 11.1

You could start by using an updated version. Not sure if there are any
relevant fixes, but 2.6.2 is really very very outdated. Try to get your
hands on 2.6.8 and a recent version of GTK+.


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