>On 3/22/2010 3:22 PM, bennettjon wrote:
>> You can see the logo at www.breathewell.com
>Ok, well, what I meant was if you could show us a picture of the saved 
>file that is fuzzy, not the good looking one.
>However, my guess is that you are compressing it too much or a wrong 
>filetype when you save it.
>Step by step it should be like this when you save, I don't know exactly 
>what you have done while you are saving, so I go through step by step 
>just in case:
>1. File/Save
>2. Find your directory
>3. Type a name for your file followed by either .jpg or .png
>4a.If saving as a JPEG, then hit save button, and make sure the quality 
>is around 85. Note if you hit the "show preview in image window" check 
>box, it will calculate a file size and show you a preview. You will 
>probably have to export it to a flattened image somewhere in this step.
>4b.If saving as a PNG, then from my understanding the Compression level 
>does not affect image quality, however it affects file size and 
>rendering time. I would set the compression to 9, as it will create a 
>nice small file size for you. I would also hit the "load defaults" 
>button, just in case one of these settings got hit.
>If you could upload the picture that is fuzzy to a host like image shack 
>and share it with us, it would probably help us out if the saving fix I 
>suggested does not work.
>Stefan Maerz

Thanks Stefan for the quick reply. I will upload some images. However, the
issue is not fuzziness in GIMP. The fuzziness occurs when inserting into Word
or Excel and either printing or converting to PDF. 

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