>3/23/2010 1:20 PM keltezessel, Cristian Secara irta:
>> On Tue, 23 Mar 2010 08:41:09 +0100, Tokes Abel wrote:
>>>  From the behavior of these documents I got to the conclusion that
>>> Word stores all bitmap pictures in a jpg format. This is independent
>>> from the source of the picture (whether it was inserted as a picture
>>> file or just pasted from the clipboard.) So, every time I save the
>>> document, more and more jpeg errors are produced in all pictures.
>> This is not true, or at least not true in just any case.
>> Look at the these two snapshots
>> http://www.secarica.ro/misc/png_test.png
>> http://www.secarica.ro/misc/png_test_word_to_paint.png
>> The png_test_word_to_paint.png is the result of this:
>> I opened a blank Word document (Office 2003)
>> I dragged the file test.png onto it
>> I saved the document without closing
>> I wrote something
>> I closed the document with save
>> I opened the document and wrote something
>> I closed the document with save
>> I opened the document
>> I copied the image in clipboard
>> I opened Paint and pasted the clipboard there
>> I saved the image from Paint as .png
>> Ok, the saved image has fewer colors (so it is no longer the perfect
>> original), but as it looks it has *never* been in JPEG format.
>> Cristi
>You are right. I wasn't able to reproduce jpeg failures with Word.
>I thought that it came from image compression,
>but I wasn't able to make noise by it either. I will have to find out
>where noisy images in my docs come from. It seems that Word is
>more clever that I supposed.
>For me it seems that the problem is with the pdf printer. I tried Adobe 
>Elements and
>CutePDF. Both added jpeg noise. Surprisingly, CutePDF gave somewhat 
>better results,
>though it was free and we paid for Elements, and I prefer Elements in 
>most cases.
>I am afraid we are becoming more and more offtopic, as this is obviously 
>a pdf printer issue,
>and probably office issue, but not Gimp issue.

I think you are right...but it affects all of us as Gimp users, as we are
creating images in Gimp that we ultimately want to use in PDF docs.

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