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> But, we still don't have a good solution to using these images in
> Word and converting to PDF without the noise. Of course, it's
> possible - I've seen it many times. There must be a process to do
> this successfully. Does anyone know how?

When I need clean images in a .pdf document (assuming I have
clean lossless format images in the source document), I use either of
the two:

1. I have Adobe PostScript driver installed as a printer, with which I
create .ps files; then I use Adobe Acrobat Distiller 5 (version 5,
because this is what I have; don't know about more recent versions)
with Settings -> Job Options... -> Compression -> both "color images"
and "grayscale images" set to ZIP
2. I use OpenOffice Writer (or use OO also for MS Word documents if
the slightly layout differences are not strict) and create the .pdf with
the OO built-in menu command

(Scribus is also a good option, but may be a different thing/scope)

Otherwise I tried Ghostscript & GSView, or PDFWriter, but I have never
been able to find an option to force the creation of a .pdf with images
*not* converted to JPEG.


Cristian Secară
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