On 03/24/10 18:00, Jay Smith wrote:
> Martin's options above and Sven's option to open and then do a
> SaveAs.... all, in my opinion, sort of miss the point.
> My observation is that the "OpenAs" protects the user from themself.  If
> a user (myself included!!!) is going is screw up a file, these sensible
> methods that Martin and Sven list are probably not going to save the
> user from themself.

If said user is unsure of their own abilities or worried about
destroying a file, creating a backup copy (just cp image1.ext
image1-bak.ext is an easy enough command to run, with Windows just right
click on the file icon, copy, right click on an open part of the file
manager or desktop, paste and you wind up with "Copy of image1.ext") is
the best solution instead of trying to add complexity to the tool used
to edit them.

You could also set the perms on Windows or *Nix to read-only on the
original. Both are easy enough to do.

> However, IF you want to argue that such a user won't think to use (or
> understand the meaning of) an OpenAs feature, I would probably agree
> with you.  People who need to be protected from themselves often find
> ways around every such protection.  And that includes me.  ;-)

When you make something idiot-proof, the universe creates a better idiot.

> For myself, I can see OpenAs being useful.

I disagree for the reasons stated above.

> P.S.  More importantly, please let's be sure that all the file "create"
> PERMISSIONS are being created correctly.  I already posted a bug on
> this, but I sure am getting tired of files being created with "rw- r--
> r--" even though the umask, directory perms, etc., and everything else

Um, that is. You'll find every file you save will by default rw-r--r--

From my own $HOME directory:

-rw-r--r--   1 user1  user1       2492 Feb  2 09:32 .vimrc

Or even better, a file that's recently been created:

-rw-r--r--   1 user1  user1       8336 Mar 25 11:28 .xscreensaver

Those perms give user1 (user, group) read and write permissions and
everyone else read permissions (which is how it should be by default).
The only time you need execute (x) permissions are on executables and if
you want someone else to be able to read them without copying the file
to them, just add them to your group.

> is exactly as it should be.  This may have already been fixed, but I
> don't have the skills to compile/install or whatever without hiring

Seriously? Even when I was a Linux n00b I was compiling and installing
in a matter of minutes. To each their own (and I will say that doing
such on Ubuntu is very hard).

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