On 03/25/2010 05:39 PM, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thu, 2010-03-25 at 16:57 -0400, Jay Smith wrote:
>> However, Gimp 2.6.6 on Ubuntu 2.04 refuses to create files using the
>> same methods that "every" other *nix programs use.
> This can hardly be true in the general sense that you are putting it.
> Files are created by GIMP plug-ins and how the files are created depends
> on the implementation of the plug-in. For many formats the actual
> creation of the file is performed by a library that deals with this
> particular format. So can you point out the particular file formats that
> are problematic for you?
> Sven

I finally found the bug report I made:

It was FIXED 2009-06-15  which means that if I can get my Gimp upgraded,
then it should work.  Unfortunately, I have to depend upon somebody else
for that (and get trained on doing it myself, but it is a
mission-critical application in our company, so breaking something is
not an option).

But, to answer your question....

The problem I am (on 2.6.6) having is with TIF files.

Martin N. confirmed this on April 10, 2009 and said....

This happens to me as well and from looking at the code it also happens
for gbr, gih, pat, pnm and raw which opens a file for writing like this:

  fd = g_open (filename, O_CREAT | O_TRUNC | O_WRONLY | _O_BINARY, 0644);

E.g png instead uses

  fp = g_fopen (filename, "wb");

This inconsistency doesn't make any sense, feel free to open a bug
report. The latter is identical to the former apart from the
permissions, so we probably want to use the latter for all plug-ins.

- Martin
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