I run Ubuntu Studio 9.10 as my OS, have Gimp 2.6 installed and running
perfectly, Gimp 2.7 installed and running fine.  My problem:  When I print
from 2.6, I can choose to print or Turboprint (using that non-free application
which gives me full functionality on my Canon i960 photo printer).

If I print from 2.7, the Turboprint option is not available and, while I can
get my i960 to work, full functionality is not available.

I'm guessing that the problem stems from the way in which 2.7 was installed
so that it coexists with 2.6 on my system, but I would like to get 2.7 to
recognize and use Turboprint.

Any advice?



Carusoswi (via www.gimpusers.com)
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