> Personally, I thought (and still believe) that this can easily be done
> using a GIMP plugin in which one somehow selected the parts where the
> real image was located on the newspaper and then the plugin would
> perform some magic (skew etc.) to replace it with the other picture.

> It could be done with a displacement map fairly easily, or possibly
> the curve bend tool.

Like this? http://i41.tinypic.com/2gt1yxh.png

I made this entire thing in about 45 mins from scratch, but if obv. you
didn't want to paint a tree, design a newspaper, etc you could probably do
it faster.  To get the skew, I used the displacement map with a perfectly
horizontal black/white gradient layer, then perspective distort, then
rotate.  For realism you'd have more variations with the gradient layer, and
the pixellation would be solved if you had a bigger starting resolution.  No
3D model.  Hope that helped.

~ X
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