On 03/30/2010 01:22 PM, Michael J. Hammel wrote:
> On Tue, 2010-03-30 at 22:31 +0530, Tarun Samvedi wrote:
>> Is there any way of defining a sequence of actions that could be used
>> later?
>> for instance, if I apply auto-color, auto-contrast and cartoon filter
>> to a lot of images, is there a way of defining this sequence so it can
>> be done in a single step?
> Current version does not support recording actions directly.  Instead
> you need to write a plugin using one of the supported languages: Python,
> Script-Fu or C.  For something simple like this python is probably the
> easiest to learn.  For more complex plugins I write C plugins, but then
> I'm more comfortable with C than Python.

I am glad that Tarun brought this up.

Question: Has somebody written a generic large script or set of scripts
or "library" of script components that would allow an "ordinary user"
with only the most basic programming skills to grab the bits they need
for their particular "sequence of actions"?  Something that a basic user
could edit down to what they need or cut/paste out the bits they need?

I know one could study existing scripts and try to learn from them, but
that is different than a script that is fully commented and designed for
the purpose of taking the modular bits you need to build your own
modular script.

IMHO, the lack of a "recording actions" function, is the weakest aspect
of Gimp.  Photoshop 5 had this (though it was somewhat limited) along
with batch-running operations .... and that was released in May 1998, 12
years ago.

I appreciate that such a "recording actions" feature will become
available when somebody steps up to create it.  (And no, I do not have
the skills to do so.)

I am sure that Sven will rip me a new one for saying so....  though I
have the utmost respect for the folks that have the skills and time to
do such programing, but I want to "use Gimp", not "learn a program

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