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> Who was the clever soul that came up with the name GIMP?

Peter Mattis and Spencer Kimball, the programmers who started the GIMP  
project, decided upon the name. The question has indeed been asked  
before (I suspect you were being facetious), with the answer being  
provided by Peter Mattis when asked back in 1997 by Zachary Beane of  
The GIMP Gazette (http://www.xach.com/gg/1997/1/profile/1/).

"It took us a little while to come up with the name. We knew we wanted  
an image manipulation program like Photoshop, but the name IMP sounded  
wrong. We also tossed around XIMP (X Image Manipulation Program)  
following the rule of when in doubt prefix an X for X11 based  
programs. At the time, Pulp Fiction was the hot movie and a single  
word popped into my mind while we were tossing out name ideas. It only  
took a few more minutes to determine what the 'G' stood for.

"And to make the matter clear, the GIMP originally stood for General  
Image Manipulation Program, but has since been dubbed GNU software by  
Richard Stallman (with our agreement). Spencer and I decided that GNU  
Image Manipulation Program is a better usage of the 'G'."


As to some of those who feel the name may be inappropriate and should  
be changed, I would point out that of the first 100 hits returned by  
my Google search for the term "gimp", only five of the hits were  
unrelated to our beloved software application: two dictionary entries  
& a Wikipedia page listing alternative usages, a website for the  
physically impaired, and a hobbyist site dealing with embroidery. The  
other 95 hits were directly related to the GNU Image Manipulation  
Program (and the dictionary and Wikipedia entries mentioned it in  
addition to the word's other meanings).

I doubt that there are many brand marks that share a more dominant  
association with their respective products and to my mind it would be  
extremely foolhardy to relinquish this mindshare that GIMP has accrued  
over the years.

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