Happy Easter to all you Christian Gimpers.

We have released Gimp Studio 1.5 for Arch Linux today.

We've updated to GPS 1.4 (thanks Ramon for letting us include it),
included a few more plugins (colortemp, whitepoint) added latest SVN
FX Foundry scripts, David Revoy's Chaos&Evolution brush pack, merged
Ramon's and David's tool presets, etc.

Everyone using Arch Linux can follow the install instructions[1] to
get it working. If anyone not using Arch Linux would like to join us
and package Gimp Studio for other platforms, please contact me.

Everyone else, you can get the addons we've included on our Google
Code page[2]. Note that the project is _not_ hosted on Google Code.
Just the big files. The project itself is hosted on codaset[3].

Again, happy holidays.

[1] http://codaset.com/foxbunny/gimp-studio/wiki/install-guide
[2] http://code.google.com/p/gimp-studio/downloads/list
[3] http://codaset.com/foxbunny/gimp-studio

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