Branko, that was extremely informative. Thank you.

>Yeah, I thought you meant laser printers. Some people >confuse 4-color laser
printers with real CMYK-capable >machines.

Actually, I didn't know the difference. Thanks again.

>You can get Huey at a very low price, and you can
>use Argyll CMS with dispcalGUI to get the maximum out of that device
>(software that comes with it is not very good, though).

I've just looked those up and it sounds like these tools are almost vital. 

>For proper CMYK preview, you can use the Print simulation mode
>(Preferences > Color management). And yes, your printer's profile
>would help.
>Get separate+ plugin (current version is 0.5.6) and use that to output
>CMYK file. You can use the Pseudo-Composite option in separate+ to get
>the separated file, and you can use the eyedropper tool on layer mask
>separate+ creates to see the exact output value for each channel
>(you'll see what I mean when you actually do all this).

I've just installed seperate+ and when I get familiar with it, I'll try this
out. It seems from my first attempt, that without calibration / printer
profile, the process is useless.

>You can also use Scribus to help you with creating press-ready PDFs.
>Scribus converts images to CMYK automatically for you. For
>photographic images, this is not a problem.

I used Scribus and noticed that when exporting, there is a "For Print" option
in the color dialog. The output looked too pale on screen so I didn't send
this to the print company. De you think this would have solved my darkness

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