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> I had a question about the GIMP license. Can it be used in an enterprise,
> corporate, or government setting? I would like to install it on a couple of
> computers in our office but before I do, I need to make sure the license
> agreement allows this. From what I could tell, it's okay but I need   
> to be 100%
> sure. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.

There are no license restrictions on how you use GIMP either  
personally or within your company/agency. You may make as many copies  
as you like and install them on as many machines as you like. You may  
make modifications and improvements to the code and so long as you do  
not distribute the modified versions outside your company, there is no  
requirement that you share your changes.

Basically, as long as your usage of the GIMP remains internal to your  
company, you have effectively the same rights as original author would  

However, should you decide to distribute GIMP to people outside your  
company then there are some conditions that must be satisfied. These  
conditions vary somewhat depending upon the nature of your  
distribution but they boil down to  basically three things 1) you must  
be be willing to provide the source code, 2) you must offer recipients  
the same unrestricted rights to use/copy/modify the program and the  
source code that you had, and 3) you must provide recipients with a  
patent license for any patented technologies which you have introduced  
in the code you've added GIMP.

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