Thanks Xiella.  Yes, I got it.  I get used to the terms from Microsoft, where 
we call any items as an object, well object oriented  :)

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> >>>>John Ma wrote:
> >>>>>By looking at your documentation, I found how to resize an image as 
> >>>>>below, but still looking for the feature hot to resize the >background 
> >>>>>(the underneath layer).
> >>>Chris Mohler wrote:
> >>>> Have you tried Image->Canvas Size?
> >>Branko Vukelic wrote:
> >>>If you want to resize the background layer without affecting other
> >>>layers, I think you won't find a software package that does that. To
> >>>resize all layers, though:
> >>>
> >>>Image -> Scale image
> >John Ma wrote:
> >>Thanks for the reminder, Branko.   I guess I kind of figured it out now.  
> >>Have a nice evening !
> >>John
> Xiella Harksell wrote:
> >It's probably late in the piece, but I just thought I'd add that you actually
> >can resize just a layer, both with and without scaling (just as for
> >images).  Just do one of the following while the background layer is
> >selected (or whichever layer you wished):
> >- Layer -> Layer Boundary Size (Crops layer)
> >- Layer -> Scale layer (Resizes layer to scale)
> John Ma wrote:
> It's never too late to get some hits or tips to me, Xiella, it's really a 
> good reminder.  By the way, how can I select the background layer?  By 
> default, it always selects the image object

Hi John,

I've replied this email on the list, rather than to you personally, so that 
others can help/be helped.  I'm not quite sure what you mean by an image object 
- GIMP is, in general, a raster editor so we don't really use objects.  You can 
access the layers dialog by Windows -> Dockable Dialogs -> Layers (should be in 
the second section).  That shows a preview list of the layers you have on your 
image and you can select the specific layer from there.

You might wish to read for 
more information about layers.

Kind regards
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