we've been approached on the #gimp channel by Marina Zhurakhinskaya from
the GNOME Outreach Program for Women. She has helped GSoC applicants
with their applications and is currently looking for a mentor for the
following project:


"Image editors overwrite originals of an image file with modified
versions, causing originals to be lost by default, or clutter up folders
with original and modified images. Some make copies of images and
organise them in a predefined unalterable manner (e.g. date taken). This
causes loss of originals and messy photo collections. The system being
proposed would allow the user to modify images in any folder, and allow
any modified image to be reverted back to its original unmodified version."

Full version (minus personal data of the student, of course):


If you are interested in commenting on or mentoring this application,
then please sign up as a mentor with the GNOME organization. But keep in
mind that ranking of the proposals is currently underway, so don't wait
too long:



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