I used GIMP yesterday after a break of a few months and spend the first hour
being frustrated.
Part of it was because I was using a Swedish version which I haven't tried
before, so all the names were strange at first...

Anyhow, the manual (chapter 8) says nothing about the issue I had.
I copied a part of the image as a new layer which I was to "tile" to get a
bigger surface. I naturally resized the layer x*y times to make room for it
(I know there are tools to do this, they did however not give me the result
I was after).
I was then to copy that piece of texture again and paste it into the same
layer and move it to the correct position repeatedly when the strange thing
The texture just disappeared into nothingness the moment it was slid out of
the border of the original texture! Even though the layer boundaries was
I could not use it.

The manual explicitly says:
"Note: he amount of memory that a layer consumes is determined by its
dimensions, not its contents. So, if you are working with large images or
images that contain many layers, it might pay off to trim layers to the
minimum possible size. "

Why did I resize the layer, consume more memory but wasn't allowed to use it
until I, in another menu, chose "expand drawable area to the boundaries of
the layer" (in swedish).
This doesn't feel like it should be the default behaviour. Out of curiosity,
why would you want to expand a layer that you cannot draw on?


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