When I take a screenshot, crop it in the Gimp, send it to my printer, I first
have to select page layout> orientation>portrait, paper source > cassette,
then I have to go to print, select my default printer from a list, go to
printer preferences, select cassette as paper source once again, select
portrait printing once again, go back to the Gimp print menu, go to the second
tab, lower the DPI settings to fit the image to the paper size, or else I get
the screen shot by default as a 300dpi stamp size in the top left corner of
the paper. Or I get an error message telling me that there is no paper in the
rear tray (it's always empty).
And all these actions time and time again, each time that I want to print a
screen shot. Unless there is a decent way to set such things as defaults, I'm
sorry to say that I find this a very clumsy time consumig way of printing.
There are many other things for which I would like to set defaults in the Gimp
but I've not yet been able to find where.

My Gimp is the portable version for Windows. My printer is the default
printer in Windows and most other programs accept the defaults that I've set
once for this printer. So normally when I click print in any program it is set
to center, stretch to fill the entire page, print in portrait orientation and
use the cassette because that's the only place I ever use to store paper.

So I hope there is someone out here that can tell me how to tell the Gimp how
to behave in this manner.


Maggy R. (via www.gimpusers.com)
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