I opened a jpg image file in Gimp, and I want to select and copy an 
elliptical area of the image and paste it into a Word document.  I use 
the ellipse selection tool, but when I copy and then paste it into Word, 
the selected elliptical area is always displayed inside a larger 
rectangular area, where the area inside the rectangle but outside the 
elliptical area is black.  Ideally I'd just like the pasted image to 
show up as an elliptical area, but I don't mind if it is dispayed inside 
a rectangle, as long as I can make the area inside the rectangle but 
outside the ellipse show up as white instead of black.  I'm not familiar 
enough with Gimp to know how to do this, and nothing I've tried has 
worked.  Can anyone help me?   Thanks!!

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