bob wrote:
> Hi all.
> I'm trying to edit an jpg image I've downloaded from the net.
> This image:
> As you can see, the image has a white background.
> I want to isolate one of the illustrations and remove the white background.
> First I use the scalpal tool to isolate one of the illustrations. Then I use
> either the select tool or the erasor to remove the white. Instead of getting
> transparent area as a result, I get a grey.
> (What is happening here)
> To get around this, I first save the image as a png, then give the image a
> background layer with a random colour, save the image as an xcf and close the
> image. Then I open the xcf. 
> Again, I try to erase the white in order to get a transparent area. Again, I
> get an grey as a result.
> Obviously, I'm running into the boundaries of my understanding of image
> formats here.
> I'd love to know why I'm getting these results.
> I'd also like to know how I can remove the white area and get transaparency
> without closing and re-opening the image.
Looks to me as though the image has no transparency in it.

Menu: Layer > Transparency > Add alpha channel


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