Hey folks!

I've got a small mess of questions, and I do not mind being redirected to
older threads. :)

Here goes: 

If I have a bunch of text layers, how do I reselect them to move them and/or
edit their content without moving backwards in the history?

Also, I have a smudge brush effect currently behind a text layer. The brush
effect was a long time before the text layer. I need to remove the brush
effect. How do I do so without going backwards in the history, thus
eliminating the text (and any other previous work on the project after the
smudge tool was used)?

Is there any way to save projects "in progress" to continue editing later,
with the history intact?

Finally, though,
This is the second time this has occurred. The project will be moving along
nicely, then suddenly none of the tools work. Everything is still clickable
and the screen does not freeze or crash, but I can do no more work on the

Has anyone heard of this happening and is there any way around it?

Thanks a bunch!

Adam (via www.gimpusers.com)
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