Adam wrote:
> Hey folks!
> I've got a small mess of questions, and I do not mind being redirected to
> older threads. :)
> Here goes:
> If I have a bunch of text layers, how do I reselect them to move them and/or
> edit their content without moving backwards in the history?

This will only work if you haven't merged the text dialog into another 
layer, even another text layer: in the layers dialog, make the layer 
with the bit of text you want to edit the active layer, and click on the 
text to open the text dialog. Note that in a layer dialog, only the text 
is in the layer, so if you are using a font with a large size, you might 
have to click exactly on a character of the text.

> Also, I have a smudge brush effect currently behind a text layer. The brush
> effect was a long time before the text layer. I need to remove the brush
> effect. How do I do so without going backwards in the history, thus
> eliminating the text (and any other previous work on the project after the
> smudge tool was used)?

Activate the layers dialog, select the layer with the brush effect, and 
delete it. Of course, if there is other content in the layer that 
contains the brush effect you want to eliminate, that will be deleted, too.

> Is there any way to save projects "in progress" to continue editing later,
> with the history intact?

I know that saving an image as an ~.xcf file will preserve the layers. 
I've never tried to save a file with an intact history, so I may be 
wrong, but I'm not sure you can save a file with the history intact. 
I've never tried to do this, because I've never needed to, since my 
standard workflow method is that when I work on a highly complex image, 
where I anticipate that I might want to have access to the history, I 
create this history by incremental back-ups; that is, after I have layer 
1 the way I want it, I save the work, then when I get layer 2 the way I 
want it, I make second a back-up with a different name, and when I get 
layer 3 the way I want it, I make a backup with a name distinct from the 
first two.
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