Regarding backups I wrote a script
that makes a backup xcf file with the same name and date plus time
appended. If you bind it to a key (that is what I do) it is very quick
to save a working copy every now and then.

-Rob A>

On 5/20/10, Noel Stoutenburg <> wrote:
> Adam wrote:
>> Hey folks!
>> I've got a small mess of questions, and I do not mind being redirected to
>> older threads. :)
>> Here goes:
>> If I have a bunch of text layers, how do I reselect them to move them
>> and/or
>> edit their content without moving backwards in the history?
> This will only work if you haven't merged the text dialog into another
> layer, even another text layer: in the layers dialog, make the layer
> with the bit of text you want to edit the active layer, and click on the
> text to open the text dialog. Note that in a layer dialog, only the text
> is in the layer, so if you are using a font with a large size, you might
> have to click exactly on a character of the text.
>> Also, I have a smudge brush effect currently behind a text layer. The
>> brush
>> effect was a long time before the text layer. I need to remove the brush
>> effect. How do I do so without going backwards in the history, thus
>> eliminating the text (and any other previous work on the project after the
>> smudge tool was used)?
> Activate the layers dialog, select the layer with the brush effect, and
> delete it. Of course, if there is other content in the layer that
> contains the brush effect you want to eliminate, that will be deleted, too.
>> Is there any way to save projects "in progress" to continue editing later,
>> with the history intact?
> I know that saving an image as an ~.xcf file will preserve the layers.
> I've never tried to save a file with an intact history, so I may be
> wrong, but I'm not sure you can save a file with the history intact.
> I've never tried to do this, because I've never needed to, since my
> standard workflow method is that when I work on a highly complex image,
> where I anticipate that I might want to have access to the history, I
> create this history by incremental back-ups; that is, after I have layer
> 1 the way I want it, I save the work, then when I get layer 2 the way I
> want it, I make second a back-up with a different name, and when I get
> layer 3 the way I want it, I make a backup with a name distinct from the
> first two.
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