>I know that saving an image as an ~.xcf file will preserve the layers. 
>I've never tried to save a file with an intact history, so I may be 
>wrong, but I'm not sure you can save a file with the history intact. 
>I've never tried to do this, because I've never needed to, since my 
>standard workflow method is that when I work on a highly complex image, 
>where I anticipate that I might want to have access to the history, I 
>create this history by incremental back-ups; that is, after I have layer 
>1 the way I want it, I save the work, then when I get layer 2 the way I 
>want it, I make second a back-up with a different name, and when I get 
>layer 3 the way I want it, I make a backup with a name distinct from the 
>first two.

  That's just it, though.  I thought so, too, but the xcf file I saved only
kept the text layers intact.  Everything else that was done has been lumped
together into a "background" layer, and thus I cannot seem to access the other
layers to delete.

I have, after many headaches already, adopted a similar workflow. :)  Though
it is rather annoying in my creative process, I hope it will help, too. 

Adam (via www.gimpusers.com)
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