Quoth Frank Gore <g...@friendlyphotozone.com>:
> There's more to it than just the PNG format, and this isn't really a Gimp
> thing:
> http://homepage.ntlworld.com/bobosola/

Many thanks to all respondents.

It turns out there are two kinds of transparency; binary & alpha channel.  IE6
can handle binary but not alpha channel.

Something I read next (I forget what/where it was now) made a link between
'binary' and 'indexed' (neither term really meaning anything to me) so I used
Gimp to creat a new image, chose to fill it with a transparent background and
then switched to Indexed mode (as opposed to RGB or Greyscale) before exporting
to PNG, and it worked!

So, in short, if you want your transparent PNGs to work in IE6, switch to
indexed mode before you export... it really does seem to be as simple as that.


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