On 05/27/2010 12:51 PM, Sebastian Tennant wrote:
> Quoth Frank Gore <g...@friendlyphotozone.com>:
>> There's more to it than just the PNG format, and this isn't really a Gimp
>> thing:
>> http://homepage.ntlworld.com/bobosola/
> Many thanks to all respondents.
> It turns out there are two kinds of transparency; binary & alpha channel.  IE6
> can handle binary but not alpha channel.
> Something I read next (I forget what/where it was now) made a link between
> 'binary' and 'indexed' (neither term really meaning anything to me) so I used
> Gimp to creat a new image, chose to fill it with a transparent background and
> then switched to Indexed mode (as opposed to RGB or Greyscale) before 
> exporting
> to PNG, and it worked!
> So, in short, if you want your transparent PNGs to work in IE6, switch to
> indexed mode before you export... it really does seem to be as simple as that.
> Sebastian
Can't doing this result in some loss of image quality?  Sometimes I'll
make PNGs with a drop shadow and transparency and when I convert the
image to indexed mode, the drop shadow quality suffers.


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