On Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 12:48 PM, Cameron Gregory <c...@bloke.com> wrote:
> In some cases there is also "out by one" problem.
> Here is a patch for said issue (most noticeable when rounding is 100% (trying 
> to make a pill)
> http://blog.bloke.com/2010/05/patch-for-gimp-select-rounded-rectangle/

The most straightforward way to create a pixel-perfect rounded
rectangle with border I can think of is to use Inkscape
(http://www.inkscape.org/) and import the SVG into Gimp. You get
perfect control over the rounding and border weight + the
rasterization of the SVG eliminates the jaggedness.

Another way I can think of is to convert the rounded selection to
path, stroke it to create the border. This produces acceptable
results, but I've noticed some weird artifacts.

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