Hi all.

Thanks to all attendants to the LGM 2010, it was a tremendous
conference, I enjoyed it a lot.

And thanks to the organizers for coming up with the "note taking"
service: for our GIMP BOF agnez did jot down what was discussed, thanks
a lot for this.

I mostly left the notes unedited, except for filling in some missing
names. If you attended the BOF please feel free to fill in stuff you
feel is missing, and if one of the non-attendants wants to have some
clarification, please ask on the mailinglist.


annual gimp developer meeting
organizational meeting

collecting topics
- decide about future gimp website
www.gimp.org not updated any more...
and other sites
- improve to get non developers involved
- merchandising, gimp brand
- introduce google summer of code project
- coming gimp releases, generic chat about releases
- group photo

- Michael [schumaml], building gimps on windows admin german gimp forum,
  taking care about agenda, organise summer of code...
- Peter [guiguru], interaction architect, effort of renovating gimp ui,
- Alexia [Death], estonia, paint tools,
- Simon [nomis], 13 years gimp involvement, no current projects
- Tobias [tobi], gimp user since 1.2, moderator german gimp forum
- Alexander [prokudine], using since99, technical support for russian
  users , russian documentation
- Agnez, note taker
- Tor [tml], finnalnd, no gimp involvement, gtk on windows
- Øyvind [pippin], gegl project
- Lukáš, krita, here for steeling gimp ideas
- Boudewijn, krita, here to see how gimp community works
- Michael [Bat`O] student, contributing code
- Joao, trying to keep functionalities
- Akkana [akk], user support, writing books about gimp
- Jakub [jimmac], not involved for over a year, getting into the dialogue

-- future of gimp websites
www.gimp.org, current release announced there is not up to date. the
site is running on a replacement system, parts of the site are broken
for several months, not going to be fixed on the actual server,
- same problem for wiki, spammed and not maintained, down now
- needed: new server, rent server service, no problem to pay,
dedicated server,
- needed: admin or maintainer is needed
paying someone full time is not foreseen, no one feels responsible for
taking care of this problem at the moment
- site maintainer needed

- hard deadline needed?
- who owns the domains? -> Shawn Amundson, old gimp member, can
be asked to redirect or create sub-domains without problem

?? set up a gimp foundation? there was a call for ideas and actions,
no feedback came fo that idea
domain name should be owned by a foundation
- problem that Shawn owns the domain name? no problem per se, it
worked fine for yeas, but would be more appropriate via gimp

money is not a problem, flow of donations is large, need to figure out
how to spend it. the money is there for a sysadmin

- hardware is more pressing problem than domain name discussion
- dedicated server

- existing custom build system for the websites
- buying hardware, or renting server, not important
- what hosting company? what software?
- hi traffic shouldn't be a problem, good quality hosting needed, not
choosing the cheapest!!!

?? who is going to lead the web projects?
traditionally : if someone starts to take a responsibility many will
follow and take decisions.
- alexia can take over some responsibilities, has been doing some of
[admin work] before, take care of technical part
- organizing migration to new technical hardware
- who asks Shawn about dns matters. joao can take care of that?

- choosing a hosting provider, do we care about the hosting country?
no us.
export regulations

what can be taken of the site? what is going to be maintained?
some parts have been sleeping for a while
www top priority
registry.gimp.org for uploading scripts and other resources. has been
started by someone not close to gimp community but working good. has
been drowned by it's success, heavy to use,

?? www.gimp.org running on a cms system? we need internationalization!!
more system admin work?
no complicated roles for contributers!! blocking everywhere
take out the static part, throw away the python part, making adding
news easy
dynamic and localize

site that can involve people into gimp (content contributors)?
cms can be pain in the a**, but the actual site (git) is to technical
for many contributors
cms is going to get hacked,
dock books plain html is blocking people, keep it as simple as possible
basic machinery of the site should be founded in simple html, wikis
etc can be connected to it.use git for contributing
site going to stay static
jakub volunteering for taking care of the website

moderator access actually maintained by ingo (not present)
also taking care of content cleanup
ask him how the admin works, who has access to what? how is
maintaining working?

requirement set
registry as a "one click install" site

what happens if server crashes?
there are backups..

problem on the registry.. for example hard to find where the lates
version is
doubts about the registry, maintaining not good enough, a lot of dead
scripts are going to pile um
see the registry rather than an index?

scripters all have their own websites, google can find them.
talk to the registy's maintainer about all this

hosted externally at the moment, should be collected when moving ot
new server
no idea if backups are secured at the moment
- as soon as there is any security problem showing up it has to move

agreeing on mediawiki
- needs to be patched to not have it run over
[I am not sure if I remember agreeing to Mediawiki, but I did not pay
enough attention at that point. Simon]

server provider question
maybe not having all sites on the same server? to prevent the risk of
all sites going down at one time

ftp server
where releases are done
enough free space at the moment (surprisingly, as it is usually full)

all web projects are covered concerning responsibility


content has been discussed
how should people contribute?

how to get non programmers involved?
finding people who actually use gimp
the blender foundation does that quite well
gimp development needs artists

nightly builds
provide nightly windows builds?
provide package builder(non functional if you only do static stuff)
if done for windows it should also be done for linux
what about macosX?
it's a gnome application..
asking Jernej about it

crap resources
who could manage them
resource system is changing
what goes in and out? having a clear decision on that
how to find a person to manage resources?
deciding about the shipping package
gimp package + extra package
cut down unusual packages, cleaning up patterns and brushes
how about a sample use case?
use case requirement, ask professional users their opinions? about
useful tools, others are thown out..
provide easy way to the user
one click install
download and start using right away!
hidden resources? amount of tools should be limited?
who problem... who can do it?
peter will be involved..


foxdogbear [Wilber :) ]
t-shirts are wildly printed, different design versions ...
fox gimp brended stuff?
should ther be official version?
cheap giveaways? or higher quality stuff to sell? gimp ties? key chains
setup of thank you presents for helpers
simon's company does a lot of merchandising, he can have access/
information to production of giveaways and t-shirt production... +
contact to a firm that does high quality flash (but with color/shape
restrictions) ["flash"? I am at a loss at the moment what we were
talking about. Will write a separate Mail on that topic. Simon]
- how is the stuff going to be used?
- welcome gifts for developers and translators?
- cheaply shipped
- if large quantities are needed for an event, shipping should be easy
- it builds community
- international shipping not necessary, gimp members should be able to
bring personally to events where they take part. provide the objects
to gimp people during meetings
- within europe bringing/shipping individually has never been a problem
-- plan for next LGM
- PC size stickers (selling at events)
- paper stickers
- shaped stickers are more expensive
- simon can produce via his job, stock it (for a while) and ship when needed
keeping for a year or two, maybe longer if keeping on ordering
- deciding by case if using gimp money or other
- how to get the sicker design?
- different stickers are possible in one production way (A4 sheet with
several designs on it)
- should there be different variations? (size, motive)
- simon will research options and possibilities (giveaway and
valuable presents)


summer of code
should not be discussed in a rush

transformation tool, simple 2D animation


[Agnez had to leave here, I for myself left shortly later. Please fill
in missing stuff. Thanks!]

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