This could be good, IF I could find the tutorial you mention.  Can you give us
the title, the URL, or a term to search for?  I tried searching for "Chrome"
and for "bumpmap."  Both came up dry.  Thanks.

>The thing to remember is to use a grey gradient across the text/picture.
>bump map that, then play with the levels. Make sure you have a fully black 
>and white blurred picture to use as a bumpmap. I've often gone wrong by just

>blurring white text/shapes on a transparent background, which doesn't work 
>very well, if at all.
>I use this effect quite a lot in my stuff. I'm no hacker or GIMP expert 
>either, but if you follow that tutorial on to the 
>letter then you should be fine.
>On Wednesday 21 Jul 2004 12:33, Gearoid Donnellan wrote:
>> Hi,
>>    Sorry for reposting this but not sure if the first one arrived and
>> I also just read the bit about not adding large attachments to files.
>> Could anyone let me know how to replicate the effect shown in the
>> images here
>> I have been trying to replicate an effect I have used in Photoshop
>> with the Filter>Sketch>Chrome Tool that it has but I havent been
>> successful. I have tried to apply the tomcat chrome text tutorial but
>> Im a noob to gimp so I may have been doing it wrong
>> The first image is banner1.png
>> The second is the photoshop tool and the third is roughly what the end
>> result should look like.
>> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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