2010/6/6 Dillon <dillonontheco...@gmail.com>:
> Thanks Saulgoode, that worked!  It solved both of my problems.  Interesting.
>  I'll have to puzzle through why it worked later, but now I'm on to my next
> challenge.
> The reason I'm writing my own script-fu, rather than using Daves Batch
> Processor, is that my TIF files are multi-page, and when I load the image
> and flatten it to a drawable, I end up with both pages flattened into one
> drawable.  I only want one of the pages (I think the first).
> I need to find a way to select that page (which I assume is turned into a
> layer when the TIF is loaded), and just set that layer to be my drawable.

I haven't tried this myself, but maybe ImageMagick (the `convert'
application) supports that already? Just an idea!

Deniz Dogan
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