2010/6/6 Dillon <dillonontheco...@gmail.com>:
> Someone off-list suggested ImageMagick.  Some googling shows this command:
> convert mulitple.tif single%d.tif
> I think this will create multiple files, each representing a page from the
> tif.
> Since I planned on wrapping all my script-fu in PowerShell, I could insert a
> call to imagemagick to create a temp folder of split-up TIFs, which my
> script-fu could convert to XCF.
> I'd rather do the whole thing in script-fu, as I anticipate doing some
> filtering and stuff via GIMP.
> If I start down the ImageMagick route, I may just go with a
> PowerShell/ImageMagick approach and leave out the script-fu.
> Any strong suggestions on going one way or the other?  I'll still do all my
> manual editing in GIMP, but maybe not any of the batch work ...

I personally don't think there's much of an advantage using Script-Fu
as opposed to ImageMagick when it comes to batch processing.
ImageMagick is widely used in all kinds of applications. It also has
an abundance of filtering capabilities that you can easily use.

That being said, I'm neither an ImageMagick wizard nor a Script-Fu/GIMP one.

Deniz Dogan
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