The other day I spent an inordinate amount of time seriously using GIMP for
the first time on a drawing. I spent a lot of time for an okay drawing and I
saved many, many times. Unfortunately, on my last save, the program crashed
and apparently corrupted my file. While I was working on the drawing, I could
see a thumbnail of the file on my desktop mirroring the work I was doing (ie:
I knew it was saving correctly), but after I brought it back up after the
crash, my file was "empty;" it had no layers, no anything but a transparent
background. My friend, who is technologically more advanced than me, said that
he thinks the EXIF data is still in there but he's too busy and I don't know
what to do. 

I read on several googled pages that it's possible to recover layers from
EXIF data, etc, and it would help me out a lot to recover even the line art. 

Any help is greatly appreciated! I'd really hate to leave GIMP on such a bad

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