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>> Also, if I had previous saves, I'd be fine... I saved the same file over
>> and over and now it's empty. It's about 70 Kb and I think that's too
>I think something like this has happened to all of as at some point.
>It's a bitter pill to swallow, but there's a take-away lesson: every
>so often do File->Save As and save a copy.  I tend to name my files
>like 'project_name-01', and after an hour or two (or any client
>revisions) save as 'project_name-02', then '-03', '-04', etc.
>There's a GIMP plug-in that adds an iterative save option (I've never
>used it though):
>For what it's worth I learned my lesson from Photoshop, not GIMP.  It
>trashed a file I had been working on for over 6 hours and I was only
>able to retrieve bits and pieces - nothing close to the full document.
> I had to start over.  Over the past 10 years I've seen trashed files
>at least once from most of the Adobe suite, so I don't think you give
>up on GIMP just yet.  A crash during the save process can be a very
>dangerous thing, no matter which program you're using.

So it's not worth it? If it can't be recovered (even a layer) without jumping
through flaming hoops of fire, that's fine. I just don't want to start over
until all options have been explored.

Also I was really surprised that an auto backup isn't in GIMP already. I used
to use a really old, backwoods photo editor and it automatically made a backup
file and autosaved it every ten minutes. 

Thanks for the link... and yes, I've started saving a backup. ><

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