On 6/22/10, Branko Vukelic wrote:

>>> Meanwhile, give separate+ a go.
>> Or CMYKTool
> Prokudine,

Vukelic? :)

> Veering a bit OT now, I've tried to use CMYKTool, and got an
> impression it was a bit redundant for separate+ users. Does it have
> anything to add (or do anything differently)?

Well, if you *have* used CMYKTool, you couldn't possibly fail to
notice the big thing called live soft proof or the small thing called
displaying per-channel ink density value for the point under mouse
pointer (right below the big thing) :-) Or how CMYKTool allows
creating CMYK files in a color-unmanaged way, which is also desirable
in some cases (implemented by a request, in fact).

I don't see how either of them make the other one redundant. Wise
people use both, depending on what they are trying to achieve.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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