On 22.06.2010 18:42, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> On 6/22/10, yahvuu  wrote:
>> Actually, i was thinking of a pure object selection tool without any
>> manipulation functionality. Just to choose the current paint context
>> without obscuring it, and without having to resort to the layers dialog.
> In the times of transformation tools to be merged and some selection
> tools to be merged as well a tool for just selection sounds a bit
> limiting, don't you think? :)

not limiting, but liberating ;)
An object picker nicely complements the unified transformation tool.
Using the latter to select objects is like taking the sledgehammer to crack a 
it takes quite some attention to select without accidentally moving things and
additionally, the transform tool's handle will obscure parts of the target.

>> Somewhat paradoxically, this would be my favourite tool for color
>> adjustments.
> For what color adjustments precisely?

anything from the 'Color' menu as well as filters.
An object picker might also be regarded as a 'Menu target selection tool'.

You are right though, that peter is striving hard to cut down the tool count...
- yahvuu
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