On 22.06.2010 21:47, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> On 6/22/10, yahvuu wrote:
>>> And why does the Move tool not work for you then? It allows you to
>>> select a layer simply by clicking into the image. Perhaps you missed the
>>> "Set layer or path as active" option in the Preferences dialog?
>> No, the problem with the move tool is that it requires attention to
>> select a layer without accidentally moving it.
> There is no such problem. Look at the tool's options palette. The
> default mode is to select, not move.

that gives hope, it's just that i can't reproduce...

The active options reads "Pick a layer or guide", but when i start dragging,
the freshly picked layer gets moved.

The Preferences option given by Sven determines wether a picked and or moved 
will be activated after the operation but doesn't change anything else.
At least that's the behaviour i'm used too (and just checked).

now i'm really astonished,

(running git master from last week on kubuntu, in case that matters...)
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