Chris Mohler wrote:
On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 5:30 PM, Leon Brooks
<> wrote:
If the image is text or something else essentially

Or image->mode, bitmap, 1-bit palette should drastically reduce the
file size.  I suspect that the 'line art' setting in xsane is
producing a grayscale image but with each pixel either solid black or
solid white, which would make the resulting PNG easy to compress.

The downside would be that the text is jaggy. If it's just black or gray
text on a white background, I would convert the image to indexed,
with, say 32 colors. For text, this should be enough. My guess is that
the large file is in RGB--thus the big file size.


P.S.: Is it true that future Gimp versions won't have an indexed
mode anymore?

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