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> Spent many hours of experimenting, using the guidance you gents have given
> and I've learned much.  Greatest feature of GIMP is edit, and the ability to
> go back to before whatever I've done. I used this a lot!!! But, I have
> accomplished what I hoped. Honestly, I'm not sure how I got to the point I'm
> at but I can figure it out again.  But your suggestions were invaluable and
> very much appreciated. I don't like people who download an ap then don't take
> time to read and learn but instead simply 'use' the hard earned expertise of
> others. I'll be making a donation to the developers of GIMP, as it's a
> tremendously powerful piece of software. I'm sure I'll be back with question
> in the future but for now simply, Thank You.........

I suppose it won't hurt to post this link:



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