I don't know why, but the new brushes that I downloaded (and they are made for
gimp, I got them from free gimp brush sites)aren't working. I can't even
scroll through the brushes. As soon as I click the scrollbar the whole brush
dialog box closes. And unlike all of the default brushes that have a little,
green, triangular arrow at their bottom right, all of the newly uploaded
brushes have a + sign at their bottom right. 
I can use the ones that are showing with the default brushes, but I can't
scroll down to any of the others. 
After I try a couple of times to scroll through the brushes and the box
refusing and closing, Gimp shuts down completely. 
If anyone knows what's wrong and how to help, I'd appreciate it very much!
Thank you!

Synariel (via www.gimpusers.com)
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