On 07/05/2010 12:23 PM, Claus Cyrny wrote:
> Hi all,
> after this has first been announced, I think, in 2002 (!),
> I wonder why 16-bit/channel has still not been implemented.
> Two years ago (or something like this) I read that 16-bit
> would be available in 2.6, but now someone stated that it
> would probably take a few more years (!). IMHO, 16-bit
> should be right on top of the list of priorities, now that GEGL
> has been implemented--at least it's definitely more important
> than, say yet another new icon set for Gimp. And anti-aliasing
> could also be improved. Programs such as Krita (I'm using
> Ubuntu) have much better anti-aliasing. I really enjoy working with
> the Gimp (currently 2.6.8), but especially 16-bit is really long overdue.

We know it's long overdue and we know it sucks that we don't have higher 
bit depths yet. If we would have done higher bit depths before the 2.6 
and 2.8 UI changes however, we would have received a lot of criticism 
for a useless UI instead.

As soon as 2.8 is out, we are ready to introduce support for higher bit 
depths. GIMP 2.8 is currently scheduled for arrival late 2010. Maybe 
there will be a GIMP 2.9 development snapshot with support for higher 
bit depths half a year or so after that.

The best way you can help with getting high bit depths support in GIMP 
is help us get 2.8 out, which basically boils down to helping us fix 
remaining bugs on the 2.8 milestone:




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