2010/7/8 Matias <matiassu...@gmail.com>:
> Sorry for this completely offtopic question.
> I'm a systems administrator with programming experience (mostly python
> and C) and I love web applications design/programming and I'm pretty
> good with html, javascript, css, etc... but I have a really weak point
> when it comes to "images" desing. I mean, I'd love to learn how to do
> images like this:
> http://www.freecsstemplates.org/previews/solutions/images/img01.gif
> (from the template http://www.freecsstemplates.org/preview/solutions/)
> I understand the basics, and I use quite frequently Gimp, but this is
> not like coding, when you code, most of the times it is easy to
> understand what is happenning (except if the code you are reading is
> perl :-P ) and thus, you can learn.... but I still can't "read" images I
> see out there, so, I guess there should be any learning path for this
> also or maybe is that just the creative half of my brain is missing.
> Would you recommend any book? any website? or some other way to learn to
> do "nice 3d looking menus, buttons"..etc?
> Thanks for your help, and sorry for the offtopic, but I didn't find a
> better place to ask this. (didn't look for a lot also...)

I understand completely what you mean and I have felt the same
way at times. It just takes some practice, but once you "get it"
it's really simple. (Note that I'm not a GIMP pro by any means.)

The image you linked can e.g. easily be created using the
following steps:

1. On the background layer create a gradient from gray to white.
2. Create a new layer.
3. On the new layer create a completely white box - select
   rectangle and fill with white.
4. Create yet another layer.
5. On the new layer select a smaller rectangle and fill it with a
   gradient which goes from green to lighter green.
6. Create a new layer with the green stuff at the top.

I know that this is not what you were asking for, but I hope this
helped you understand something new. :)

Deniz Dogan
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