Ludmilla writes:
> >Thank you.  I can create the hotspots on the picture I'm using but how
> >do I add it into my web page?  I'm using Kompozer which doesn't want to
> >import the's a MAP file or some sort of thing.
> I wonder if you have found out how it works - to insert a hotspot in kompozer
> - if it works at all.
> I'm not sure to be able to write any single code - I'm just a user of Gimp and
> Kompozer and would be thankfull for any copy-paste solution.

I'm guessing you're talking about making an image map. You can create
HTML imagemaps in GIMP using Filters->Web->Image Map... -- see the
documentation at

But if you're having trouble importing the map into Kompozer, you
might have better luck asking on a Kompozer list. They'll probably
need specifics of what goes wrong when you try to import it: the
message you quoted didn't mention that.

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