Harry Strunc wrote,

> Thank you soooooo much for writing !

Please reply only to the list, so others can help, too. I've sent this 
back to the list.

> The chocolate fountain pic is attached.
> I have pressed SELECT INVERT but nothing happens.
> The background remains selected via SELECT BY COLOR.

It may not be obvious that the inversion has actually done anything. The 
"marching ants" will look very similar.

One way to verify what has been selected is to hit the "Delete" key; 
that will delete what is selected. Then immediately do Edit|Undo (or 
Ctrl-Z) to undo that deletion.

> I must not know how to copy.  Is there a trick to copying ?

Just Edit|Copy, then, say, Edit|Paste as|New Image. That should give you 
the fountain on a transparent (chequered) background. Or, you can paste 
into another image as a new layer, for example.

> Thank you SOOOOO MUCH for writing!
> Harry

Bob Long
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