> I am on Windows XP Pro SP3 and I know of 2 ways to start
> GIMP: either doubleclick the GIMP-icon on the desktop or the
> gimp-2.6.exe file.

there is a third way

Click on Start, how you will do to make the programs list pop out, close at the 
bottom, at left you will see "run"

there type the path for gimp exe (to avoid typo you can RIGHT click on 
gimp.exe, chose "propriety" and copy the path

that should look as C:\Program Files\GIMP 2.6\bin\gimp.2.6 exe 
then click ok or press enter

 >How to set beforehand the GIMP_DEBUG
> environment variable is way beyond my knowledge.

also mine..anyway maybe start gimp from "Run" adding "verbose will help
something as 
C:\Program Files\GIMP 2.6\bin\gimp.2.6 exe -verbose
(but maybe you HD is not called C)
> But nevertheless, I meanwhile found out that I have (a lot
> of) personal GIMP-files, and where they are: 
> http://fotoalbum.seniorennet.be/incl/getimage2.php?imageid=1607079&albumid=18832&typeid=4

> This fortunate discovery, I hope, will help me a lot to
> better understand GIMP.

Sure..there you may see a lot of empty folders as "script" "plugin" "brush",etc
There you are supposed to add your extra, as third party plugins,scripts,brush
In case of upgrade they will preserved (but instead,if placed in the 
programfiles folders,will be all deleted by upgrades)
 Below is a line actually copied from

> my own "gimprc"-file:
>  (help-locales "en")
> Perhaps it would have been orthodox to change this "en" to
> "nl". But nevertheless my non-standard trick did the job?
> The "HELP"-buttons and the F1-key do show me the help I ask.
> From my locally installed html-base:
> C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\share\gimp\2.0\help\en 
> http://fotoalbum.seniorennet.be/incl/getimage2.php?imageid=1607415&albumid=18832&typeid=4
> As far as I am concerned this case seems closed. Thanks for
> the help.

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